We always accept beautiful real weddings of all sizes and styles that have taken place in the Cayman Islands over the last year, that have not already been published in other magazines. 

We accept submissions from any professional photographer, with the participation of the bride and groom. Photos are not accepted from planners or brides/grooms directly.   

More info is below.

The deadline is Monday, March 19, 2018.


Photo Requirements:

  • Images must be at least 9” (2700 pixels) wide at 300DPI.
  • We need at least 75 images to choose from. Maximum 200.  
  • Low-res images are not accepted or reviewed in advance.
  • We publish images with horizontal sightlines – no tilted angles.
  • Photos taken with fish eye lenses that distort the scale and size of what is being photographed will not be considered.
  • We love saturated, colorful photographs. Please, no vintage tints or black and white images.

When you’re ready to submit:

1. First ZIP your folder of photos.

2. Go to wetransfer.com to email the zipped file to info@caymanvows.com (WeTransfer.com is a free and easy-to-use service for emailing large files.) We don’t accept files with Dropbox due to the volume of submissions we receive at our office. 

2. Once you’ve sent all of your submissions, complete the Photographer’s Release Waiver 


Before or after your photographer has sent in your photos, there are two components that you need to complete by the deadline of March 19, 2018, in order for your wedding story to be considered.  

1. In order to write your wedding story, we require you to complete the Online Questionnaire about your wedding. 

2. You need to sign the Couple’s Release Waiver that gives permission to publish your wedding.  

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