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Hello and Welcome to the Cayman Vows Magazine blog!

My name is Angela Desveaux. I’m the founder and editor-in-chief of Cayman Vows. Seven years ago, I stepped off an airplane in Grand Cayman for the very first time. I will always remember the visit because that’s when my love affair with The Cayman Islands began. Before that trip, I’d been to many other sun-filled Caribbean islands but had never ‘fallen in love,’ so to speak.

Ironically, my first visit to Cayman was to celebrate weddings! It wasn’t my wedding, or even someone else’s. I had arrived for “Engage!” —an annual conference that brings together the most talented luxury wedding and event professionals in the world. Logically, the event organizers had chosen the Cayman Islands to host and cater to this incredibly discerning and very experienced group of 300 wedding planners, photographers, designers and media. Over three days and nights we descended upon Grand Cayman and collectively packed copious amounts of fun, dining (it IS the food capital of the Caribbean, after all), drinking fancy cocktails, dancing, exploring, relaxing, sunbathing, star-gazing and adventuring into our time together. In many ways, it was exactly the kind of trip you’d dream of having if we were all here for an actual wedding.

I was hooked. Since that visit, I have returned to the Cayman Islands more times than I can count. I’ve brought my entire family back for several group trips (now an annual tradition!), met girlfriends for weekend getaways, and stayed for a month, a week, two weeks. Always wonderful times. Just never “enough” time!

Naturally, Cayman Vows became an outlet for me to celebrate my girl crush on this Caribbean paradise. You see, when I’m not “on-island,” I live in Florida, where I spend my days fully immersed in weddings. I guess you could say I’m an expert on the subject matter because, in addition to this magazine, I’m also the founder and president of WedLuxe. Cayman Vows allows me to marry my expertise with my genuine love and passion for the Cayman Islands and the incredible and talented Caymanians I have met over the last seven years. It is my honor and privilege to showcase to you and our readers across the U.S. and Canada all the many reasons that the Cayman Islands is the ultimate location for your dream destination wedding or honeymoon. Relaxed, yet sophisticated. Casually chic. Effortless. Brimming with “Caymankind.” Always perfection.

Now that you’ve discovered Cayman Vows, I hope you will be inspired to experience the magic of the Cayman Islands firsthand. I promise you, it will be love at first sight.

In the meantime, I invite you to visit this blog every week to see what’s new and exciting in the world of weddings in the ever-beautiful Cayman Islands.

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