Magic Hour in Grand Cayman

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There’s something mesmerizing about sunset (aka “Magic Hour”) in Grand Cayman. Photographer Jenna Leigh Arnold-Tibbetts shared a series of beautiful images that captured it beautifully. As the sun falls over Seven Mile Beach, there are always shades of silver and gold that dance upon the waves… and always, ALWAYS a cotton candy sky in the distance. Can you say PERFECT CONDITIONS to capture wedding photos? YES! YES! and YES! On that note, we LOVE these sunset bridal portraits that were beautifully captured by Jenna Leigh Photography, featuring a stunning gown by one of our all-time fav designers, Ines Di Santo.

Hair: Hair by Pasquale Caselle / Model: Dona Czekaj / Makeup: Lucia Dekranian / Location: The Meridian Resort / Styling products: Balmain Hair Couture / Hair Color: Lakme USA / Hair Tools: Enso Tools
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